Credit Money Machine Cloud or CMM Cloud for short, is a fast, web-based, credit repair software that can be accessed from anywhere in the world where an Internet Browser is available.

The Main Screen (the Dashboard) is configurable so you can place the elements you want anywhere on the page.

While it is ultra-easy to use and extremely intuitive, it has all the main features you want, need and love.

CMM Cloud is an excellent CRM (aka Contact Management Software) as well and thus, it has, for example, a full-featured calendar that includes recurrent tasks, meeting, phone calls, links to contacts, etc.

Never has been so easy to extract disputes from credit report providers thanks to its integrated Dispute Extractor.

This Dispute Extractor is very special because not only it would extract the derogatories and only the derogatories, but also will assign automatically, the letter to use, the dispute reasons and the dispute types of those derogatories. All of that with one click.

Of course, you can also add disputes manually, mark and print in groups, select and omit groups of disputes with ease and much more.

Your clients will enjoy a beautiful Portal to know the status of their disputes without having to call you.

They can do many things from their Portals, like sending you documents, pictures or simply the answers from the Credit Bureaus. They can even refer you new clients from the their portals.

Of course, your affiliates will enjoy their own Affiliate Portal where they can see all the referrals they sent to you

Also, they can refer you new deals from their Affiliate Portals as well

CMM Cloud also features a full-fledged Word Processor with Merge Capabilities that comes pre-populated with all the letters you need, but additionally, you can create and use your own dispute letters or even marketing letter that you can copy to the email system or the Auto-Responder.

For your convenience, CMM Cloud features an Invoice System to serve your customers. You can create PDF, Word Documents and Export them to Excel.

You can create Product and Services Invoices.

If that is not enough, CMM Cloud has an Auto-Responder that you can use to do e-mail dripping campaigns.

Also, there is an integrated Instant Messenger so you can communicate with ease with your agents.